After I had some massive problems with a chinese Motorola RIBless knock-off, I decided to make my own 100% Motorola spec matching RIB with the 'original' parts. The original box is somewhat around 200 Euro here, far to much for an radio-amateur and to program a single old 1995s Motorola GM1200 only. On batlabs I found a good source for schematics and part lists of the original RIB so I took an old board and some spare parts from the junkbox and made my own RIB. I only had to buy 3 parts (LM311 - Voltage comparator, ICL7660 - Voltage Converter and a few 1N4148 diodes), so the whole project was around 5 bucks in material, time for sure not calculated.

What can I say? My interface worked on the first trial. No errors, no BS. 100% spec matching. I know it looks ugly but I will make a case around it and I will fix the sockets with some hot glue to make it more rugged.

I do not know if other chinese interfaces are better or not, but I can only recommend to buy a genuine RIB from Motorola or make your own universal programing interface, which is not too hard to make. It 'only' costs a bit of time but is definitely worth it.

  • IMG_20170611_153848119_01
  • IMG_20170611_153906039_01
  • IMG_20170611_154523595_01
  • IMG_20170611_161718036_01

Update 25.06.2017:

When everything with programing worked okay, I further developed the RIB to do firmware updates with the same device. The schematic had to be modified and also two switches were added:

  • IMG_20170617_184128111_01
  • IMG_20170617_184627837_01
  • IMG_20170625_142200249_HDR_01
  • IMG_20170625_142207421_01

+1 # Hugo CT2HMX 2020-03-28 23:02
Hello. Great job. I did the same job a many years ago with max232 interface and works very well. First test was did in breadboard circuit and rework on printed circuit to get more rugged inside of the plastic box.
Best regards.
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