I used the sunday last week to built the SOTAbeams Mountain Tuner kit for 40-17m. After I built my own tiny EFHW-tuner, I ordered the SOTAbeams kit in the UK, which arrived 7 days after my order here in Germany. I needed a little bit more than 60 minutes for everything including testing. I used the instructions some weeks ago to built the same tuner out of stuff I had in the junkbox. I wanted to compare my work with the commercial tuner and also I liked the design with the plate. You see my construction on one of the photos. The SOTAbeams one was much easier to built, it has a very smart design. For some 18 bucks this tuner is a must have. I went to my local GMA summit (DA/SR-059) to test the tuner with my ultralight linked endfed, which I posted some days ago here in the group. I worked Canada, Israel, Balearic Islands and Cyprus in just 30 minutes. I have the LDG z817 and a ZM-4 too, both are cool, but these EFHW tuners have a weight of almost zero and they are very efficient. In my opinion the perfect partner for your FT-817 and light portable ops.

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